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BIO 120 - Medical Terminology Online

Students enrolled in BIO 120 will receive instructions on how to access class assignments.  Only those students enrolled in the course will be permitted to view assignments.  If you would like to enroll in this course, please email me Dr. Tracey L. Wilson or call me: (205) 929-4682.

All assignments are due BEFORE
11:00AM on the due dates.  (Due dates are posted on the schedule page.)   The written assignments may be emailed or hand delivered to my office.  Homework assignments that are not emailed must be torn out of your book, photocopied from your book or typed.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS ON NOTEBOOK PAPER.  If you email an assignment, do not assume I received it unless I send you a reply.  For this reason, emailed assignments should be submitted well in advance so you will have enough time to re-submit it if you do not receive a confirmation email from me.  You are responsible for making sure I receive your assignment on time.  You may turn in assignments days or weeks BEFORE the deadline, but I will not accept assignments one minute late.  It is not a good idea to plan to turn assignments in at 11:00AM on the due date because you will inevitably be late and I will not accept late assignments. To be on the safe side you should plan to submit assignments a day or two before they are due.  Remember, assignments and quizzes may be submitted two weeks early, but they will not be accepted two minutes late.  No Exceptions.  



You will also have to complete online quizzes for each chapter and they must be completed online before 11:00AM on the due date.  As mentioned earlier, it is better to complete the quiz a day or two early so that if there is a technical problem it can be corrected in time.  Technical problems with a quiz cannot be corrected AFTER 11:00AM on the due date.

The online quizzes have 10 questions per chapter and they are timed (you only have 3 minutes to complete the quiz).  If you go over the time limit, you will automatically receive a zero for that quiz.  If you do not take the quiz before the deadline you will not be allowed to take it.  Remember: quizzes may be taken anytime BEFORE the deadline. This means you can take the quizzes a week early if you'd like. You will not be able to take a quiz after the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you run into a problem taking the online quiz please contact me immediately.



In order to access the assignments and quizzes you must first register on the course website.  Registration requires that you have a valid email address and the Course Registration Password.  I should have given you the Course Registration Password during the first class period.  If you do not have it, email me and I will send it to you.  If you do not have an email address, you can sign up for a free email account at excite.com or yahoo.com. 


 If you haven’t registered to take the online quizzes, Click Here to register. 


If you have registered go to the Schedule Page to access the assignments.





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